There are so many ways a podcaster can promote their content. But how can you know that you are successful and what are ways to continue to grow your brand? There are many ways to measure success in this particular industry.  Many podcasters abide by certain metrics. One is to pay attention to the amount of listener downloads within a short amount of time. Another is to pay attention to the star ratings.


That’s great and all, but how can you hit the necessary numbers for success and reach your podcast goals?


Market Your Podcast

  • Platforms like Apple Podcast need a reason to promote your podcast. A great way to market your show would be to create an audio trailer that gives your potential audience an idea of what your podcast is all about.
  • Focus on obtaining high-quality reviews. That means that your campaign has to be clever and worth the while of your audience.
  • Do you already know someone in the industry? Perhaps they can help with a recommendation on their show.
  • Be searchable online by investing in SEO.
  • Advertise like crazy every time your show goes on air. It is also important to continue the promotion at least 24 hours after.

Produce your show well.

  • Allow your guest appearances room to give their own stories outside of pre-scripted questions. When conversations seem more natural, it draws even more attention and loyal followers.
  • Consistency is key. If your air time is all over the place, you will lose your audience. Abiding by an airing schedule will generate a loyal following.
  • Make guest appearances on other podcasts and make sure to mention your own. In return, be sure to promote other podcasters on your show. People support those that willingly support them in return.

Develop a strategy when finding your audience.

  • Everyone has a niche. It’s your job to find yours. It’s so much easier to hone in on something you’re an expert in rather than making your podcast so general. Don’t allow your content to be unpredictable in that way. Be loyal to a specific audience and your following will grow.
  • Solve peoples’ problems. Everyone’s time is valuable. Offer your audience solutions to their problems. Give them a reason to listen and make it worth their while. Inspire, teach, lead.