Do you struggle at Live Networking Events? Here are some great tips to rock out and leave a good impression.

When you know how to network, you open many doors to the success of your business. It can bring you more clients, new revenue ideas and can build your reputation as an entrepreneur. However, meeting new people and keeping them engaged is not so easy for some than it is for others. There are ways, tips and tricks around your anxiety.

The number of people you speak to matters.

Networking is not a task in vain. When you go to these events, keeping to yourself is not going to help your business. Push yourself to speak to at least 5 people.

When approaching someone new, start with a one line opener. If this is something you can’t seem to come up with on your own, just keep in mind that the less you speak of yourself and focus on the other individual, the more interested they will be in continuing a conversation with you.

Time your introduction.

After your one liner, you have to prove that you are worthy of continuing on in conversation. Work on an extremely brief statement of who you are and what you do. This definitely takes practice to avoid sounding rehearsed and too “sales pitch-y”. An average introduction should take you between 15 – 20 seconds.

Show them you know current events.

Most peoples’ go to is the weather. But that’s very overdone, and far too general. People are more impressed with someone that shows they find today’s issues important. It also shows them how relevant your thinking is to today’s society.

Be careful of the content.

While you are wanting people to know you’re current, you have to make sure you remain neutral so as not to offend anyone. After all, you are there to make friends, not enemies.

Stop taking yourself so seriously and relax.

Try not to think of this networking event as your opportunity to sell. If you keep in mind that you are there to build relationships and not to be a pushy sales man, the experience will come off a lot easier for you. Keep your appearance relaxed. And above all, don’t forget to smile.

Be prepared.

As an entrepreneur, it should be implied that you carry around some business cards. While you are there to develop relationships, you never know where the conversation will go and what connections you can make. It will not look very professional writing your information on a piece of paper. Learn when to turn on and off that professional switch. It’s integral to your success.

Flaunt your relevancy.

Wherever you can, name drop. People will trust you more if they trust someone you are associated with. Like your introduction, this takes practice to avoid appearing arrogant, desperate or obnoxious. After all, that phrase holds true, “It’s not what you know but you who know that matters.”