When it comes to being an entrepreneur, you must be ready to offer your pitch at any time. Opportunity presents itself in the most peculiar times. Even if you are out in a social gathering, there could be someone you encounter that can skyrocket your business to higher success. There are simple ways that you can stay prepared at all times.

Have a solution to any problem that arises.

Especially during random conversation where individuals are not ready to talk business, there will be opposition towards what you’re trying to sell them. Be ready to offer a solution to any conflict that may be brought up in conversation.

Be passionate.

This is the time for all the dramatics. When pitching your business idea, you have absolutely no time to speak monotone. Be animated, excited, elated. Pull out all the stops. Speak in such a matter that will make anyone believe you, even if you’re in an obvious lie. Believe in your product and your audience will believe in it too.

Practice in front of a mirror.

Your voice should have highs and lows in your speech. You should also focus on expression. The livelier you are, the more captivated your audience will be. Focus on pronunciation, and enunciation. Be aware of your posture. Even in a leisure setting, your audience will pay attention to the confidence in your stance while you are speaking. Practice slowing down during the important parts of your pitch, and clearly articulating what you want your listeners to remember.

Know who you’re speaking to.

The pitch you’re serving should also be customized to the individuals you are sharing with. Present the resolve of issues they experience. Offer them a reason they will need your product or services. Personalize your conversation by offering as much eye contact as possible. Another way to personalize it is mentioning names, using them in scenarios, demonstrating where the individual would thrive specifically from your business.

Pitch as often as you possibly can.

The more you pitch your business plan, the better you will get at it. Never give up an opportunity that you could be sharing. Even if you feel like they will not respond well, any time is a good time to rehearse and get better at pitching. It is also good to practice on friends, or trusted advisors.