When you were a baby, the tactic used to get your way was to throw a tantrum. As an adult, it’s a little difficult to get your way in the same manner. So how do you get what you want? The safest way to do that is to simply ask. But it’s in the way that you approach each situation that will determine the right outcome. There are ways to get your yes!

Be reasonable.

There is a known tactic, mostly used as a marketing strategy, to request more than originally desired. The response is usually to meet around the middle. While this is effective in most business transactions, there are many gray areas depending on the circumstance. Be sure to assess the situation and make sure that over-estimating won’t turn the person you’re negotiating with away.

Stop making so many excuses.

Not many people have the patience to sit through 100 reasons to do something. They may have checked out after reason #3. Keep your requests short and simple, making sure that the reason engages the person into wanting to contribute, help, or participate. Everyone is always looking for ways that they benefit from any situation. With that in mind, it will be easy to find your “reason”.

Know your worth.

Many times, when asking for something, your reactions might be negative because of how you view yourself. If you’re approaching a potential client, if you’re not confident in your own services why should they be? Own your expertise. Make them believe they will be missing out if they don’t honor your request.

Be like-able.

Everyone knows the phrase, you catch more bees with honey than vinegar. That statement can’t be further from the truth. When asking someone for a favor, or negotiating costs with your next client, you are not going to get far if you’re a cross, short and rude individual. Smile. Be approachable. Show interest in the person you are requesting something from.


In life, you won’t always get the things that you ask for. That shouldn’t stop you from trying. Learn the right tactics to grow your business, get what you want and hear that YES!