Every entrepreneur needs to think about the look and feel of their blog, website and social media accounts. Aside from content, the overall look and feel of your platforms need to be aesthetically pleasing and uniformed to your brand. And even with a small budget, it can be done.


It’s always a great idea to add images to your layout. There are free options online to use when wanting to create content for your site. However, you want to be very careful with it looking like everyone else’s content. If it’s a free platform, chances are there are thousands of people using the same graphics you are. If you are serious about your business standing out, hiring a graphic designer is the best way to go. There are other options, if the budget is smaller than desired, such as hiring a creative Virtual Assistant to get the job done for you!

Remove Banners.

Banners aren’t as effective as they can be. However, this can depend on your business. Pay attention to your revenue. If the banner is not providing you the results you desire, look into replacing it with a really cool graphic that acts as a call to action.

Work for comments.

It’s all about appearance. If you’re visiting a site that has no comments or interaction on blogs, or even a social media account that barely posts, it’s not going to help with gaining clients. Work to gain a following and grow that list of comments so that your visitors see how popular you are and will trust your services more.

Where is your favicon?

Too often when entrepreneurs design their own site, they make the mistake of not paying attention to customizing with a favicon. In case you’re not aware of what a favicon is, you will find it on the left corner of the browser tab. Even the simplest design platforms have the ability to update your favicon. If you don’t customize it to reflect your own business, it makes you look lazy and cheap that you didn’t get your site professionally designed. Even if your budget is small, your clients don’t have to know!

So, if you thought that achieving a professional and clean design for your business’s online presence was far beyond your reach, rest easy after reading these tips and tricks.