Everyone owns a cellphone. Not only are they used to make calls, they are used to take pictures and keep in touch with others via social media. There are so many things that a cellphone can be used for. It’s no wonder that they can also keep us organized, productive, among other things. If there was ever any doubt that cellphones are truly a one stop shop, here are some features that add value to your life.


You can easily let anyone know where you are with this feature. Say you’re walking home alone, you can do so feeling a lot safer knowing that others know your whereabouts. GPS is also a good way to help people find you by sending your location. When meeting up with friends asking where you are, as soon as you send a location, they can use their own GPS app to get directions to you.

In business, this is an amazing tool to use when you are running a summit on location. There is always an app that can be added to your website to assist your customers in getting there! You can also determine the traffic, and alternative routes to get to your location so that it’s ensured everyone gets there on time. They can even scout the neighborhood for places to stay, eat or visit after they’ve attended your amazing event.

Search and rescue.

Have you ever been minding your own business and hear that annoying emergency alert sound? That’s an Amber Alert; and it’s become an amazingly helpful tool when it comes to kidnapping.

In other situations, it can detect earthquakes as well as be used as a means to help find individuals during a natural disaster when phone lines are down. In business related terms, you are able to determine weather for a future event date to make sure things run smoothly for you on that day. For example, will there be snow that keeps your customers from arriving?

Changing the way you think.

At first, this may seem to be something negatively impacting our culture. Individuals don’t easily retain as much information as they did in the past. This is because Google is easily at our fingertips. It allows us to learn HOW to search for knowledge rather than just retaining it. In a more positive approach to this, it allows us to learn how to be better troubleshooters as opposed to simply retaining useless information. Being a good problem solver can definitely help you in the running of your business.

It is also a really useful coping mechanism when it comes to illness or long commutes to work. You have the opportunity to lose yourself in games, catching up with email, or simply keeping in touch with friends. These are easy distractions from losing yourself in depression or boredom.

Cuts your time in half.

Often times, especially as an entrepreneur, there are times when emergencies come up. In those situations, it can be tough to get to a computer to send out an email or fix an issue on your website or social media platform. However, with a cellphone, the ability to fix things is mobile and available to you on the spot.


Overall, where people can take mobility as something which may be making our society a little bit lazier or stupid, it can be viewed on the positive. Cellphones have brought a world of change to us. It has made our lives a lot easier to run our business, keep in touch with our friends and simply be a pleasantly entertaining part of our lives.