What exactly is the difference between a business and a brand? There is a very fine line between the two and how to establish the moment a business has arrived to that status. The responses will vary depending on who is asked. Some would say that branding is delivering a product in a highly valuable manner the way that some very famous businesses do with their lines. While quality is a very important factor in branding, it is not the only process. You can deliver amazing product and still not become established as a brand.

With this in mind, what makes a brand is beyond how a product is pushed. Rather, the branding comes when a business takes on a life of its own. When you think of a brand, you think of a particular philosophy; and that philosophy is found in every marketing outreach, every product, every advertisement.

Here are some examples where businesses became a brand that will always be recognized in any household.


By far, this is one of the most famous soft drinks in the world. They house hundreds of flavors and even have a factory you can tour in Georgia. They have advertised their product as a symbol of happiness. And it’s no wonder. Coca-Cola is purchased for holidays, get-togethers and just about any function under the sun. It is bound to provide its customers with moments of happiness.


When you think of Lego, you think of childhood imagination. Who hasn’t owned a Lego set at some point in their life? Lego has even gone so far as to create their own theme park. Talk about iconic.


Speaking of brands, I don’t think there is anyone in the world that has never heard of Disney. The Walt Disney Co. has established itself in family entertainment. It has branded itself to reflect family and togetherness. And from the massive amount of merchandise, resorts and media they come out with, there is no stopping this monster of a brand…ever!

With these examples, it’s good to compare notes and determine for yourself if your business has what it takes to become a brand. If you can go beyond what you’re selling and see the impact it makes on your clients, you will definitely be on your way to becoming a brand.