When you’re trying to grow your business, a fake review can instigate some serious issues. Anyone today can go online, create a fake account and cause some great damage. While some services online have policies in place to avoid this, reviews can still slip through the cracks. That is why it is up to you as a business owner to establish damage control on your own.

What constitutes as a negative review?

The empty message review

One huge issue that is faced on Google Reviews in particular is negative reviews having no text. Because text is not present, it will be passed on as acceptable. It cannot be debated if you state this individual is not a customer because there is no way this can be verified.

The fake name/services review

Perhaps you have “Hello Kitty” commenting about how horrible your call service is. The only problem is, you have no call service. Google cannot reject this because their policy allows anyone to create an anonymous account to comment on their customer experience.

What you can do to fight against fake reviews

It’s frustrating to realize that a stranger can ruin years of effort on your part. However, you have to maintain your professionalism when responding to negativity. Your reaction will always be scrutinized by current and future customers.

Go to social media

A great way to combat negative attention is to expose it. Post the “negative fake reviews” on social media. You might get a good laugh with the fake names generated and get feedback from happy customers that can vouch for how great your business is. Of course, when approaching this socially, you don’t want to sound bitter. Social media is always a way to seem relatable. Take a moment to make light of the situation and create playful banter with your copy to get humorous responses and dialogue.

Don’t just advertise on your business page

Take this to your personal social media platforms as well. You never know what friend of a friend can relate to your situation and will share out of sheer amusement on their own page. It will not only spread the word, but can turn around the ill intention of the fake scammer. It will further get the word out of your business, and can even possibly up your conversion rate.

Offer these fake reviews excellent customer service.

In the cases of scammers, you’re not going to have any follow through. Why? Because their accusations are completely made up. If you can’t beat them, join them. Play their game. Go on the review and offer them a full refund of services, so long as they provide a receipt of transaction. And where the scammer will remain silent, your real intention is to show future customers looking over reviews that you are a business that cares about quality service.


Another option to consider is that no business is perfect. If potential customers are in fact searching through reviews to help them decide on purchasing from you, they will be as suspicious with a perfect score as they would be with negative reviews. What will get them even more motivated to go with your business is to see just how devoted you are to your customers, despite the situation. So take the bad of any circumstance and turn it around to your favor. When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade!