Social media marketing is a big part of any business. Twitter can be very useful but at the same time stressful. Especially if you don’t know where to start or what to even do. So read this and stop putting off signing up for twitter.

First: You need to figure out what type of username you want to use.

Your username is also you “handle”. This is how people contact you in their post for example @UserName. So you need to make it relevant to your business so that it can identify it.

Next: Your bio.

This is important. Create a bio that captures you or your business well enough to grab attention to your potential clients. You have 160 characters to capture their attention. So if a complete stranger was to ask you about your business, what would you say that sums it up short and sweet?

Then: An image to stand out.

You need to stand out from the rest on twitter. So you need a photo that really draws people in. It can be a close up headshot if it’s just you, or your logo for your business. You need to do this before you tweet or anything!

To follow: Now they have a, “Hey I’m making #myfirsttweet!” post.

Don’t use that. Use your first tweet to introduce yourself into the twitter world. Use the hashtag still to get on that particular feed.

Continue: Finding the right people.

Don’t follow a bunch of random celebrities or businesses. Search for industry. Try following businesses that are similar to your first then start venturing out. Follow friends, local businesses, colleagues, and even your clients or potential clients.

Next: Follow me on Twitter!

Tell everyone in your network that you are on Twitter. This includes your facebook pages/friends. Your email list and even your website. Let the know to follow you on twitter to grow your following.

Finally: Tools??

Well you will want to stay on top of your Twitter since it is such a fast pace social networking. Grab the mobile app to send tweets on the go and to keep up. Need to schedule a lot of tweets and track your reach, Hootsuite is great! There’s also Nutshell Mail that will also help you stay on top or your activity.