When owning your own business or venturing out as an entrepreneur, there are many things you need to get done. A great way to keep organized is to take advantage of the many apps that can make your life easier. There are a number of apps, both free and that cost a small monthly fee, that can assist you with becoming a better entrepreneur, and can simply enhance your personal lifestyle.

App for organization.

Have you ever heard of Evernote? If you are the type to have hundreds of notes everywhere and you need to keep them in one central location, this is the app for you. You also have the flexibility to take clips of webpages, tag sites, and embed images/videos. It allows for the capability to access the app on every device you own. After you’ve collected as much information as your heart desires, there are options that allow you to organize your data, and even share files with colleagues. Do you need a way to keep track of your expenses?

App for financials.

Ride the Wave! Wave is a financial app that will allow you as a small business (of 10 employees or less) to keep track of your accounting. The great part of this accounting software is that you don’t have to acquire the skills of an accountant to use it. With all the tools needed to create reports, pay bills and employees, all of your financial needs are met with this one little app. Your expenses can now be separated into categories. Your receipts can be documented and converted into expense transactions. You can run a large amount of different financial reports. With this app, other people on your team can also have access to making changes, running reports, and so much more.

App for time tracking.

Does your business need time tracking? Toggl is a great way to do that. To the second, Toggl can track the time that is spent on a project, or various tasks. You can see the progress or time spent in different aspects of a project by utilizing the graphics and charts provided in this app. Use this app to submit timesheets and even see who your most productive workers are.

App for sales.

Square is a great tool to use when you are selling products. It is a service that will allow your customers to leave you tips with their purchases. It is a very simple program that comes with a swiping device for your customers with credit cards; and can easily be attached to a mobile device. With this app, you can provide customers with digital receipts, and keep track of inventory. It is also a very affordable tool that is an alternative to so many systems out there that bleed you of your money.