The 4th of July is by far an exciting holiday and a favorite to many. It’s also a midpoint of the year. It’s a great opportunity to look back at your New Year’s Resolutions and see how well we are doing with keeping to them. This adds more value and cause for celebration on this holiday.

It’s simply an encouraging thing to do when you look back at your accomplishments. And in a world full of worry, a cause for celebration is a good distraction. It’s a time to put all of our country’s hurts and issues on pause to smile at what is going right. It’s a time to think about the strides we’ve taken to be better people.

Sometimes hardship is hard to ignore. In those times, push harder. Look to family members and mentors that have the same mindset as you to be positive and successful. Celebrate with them. Allow them to participate in your tradition. Together, you can set goals to reach (or continue to reach) for the end of the year.

Take this time to also reflect on our freedom. You live in a country with the ability to be an entrepreneur, to work for yourself. May you find prosperity in the midst of helping your clients and providing excellent services. And if the negative tries to creep in, even if for this one day, think of ways to make it better. It takes one person at a time to start up change. Be the chMake It VA invites you to think about all of the good things living in America that are available to you as an entrepreneur, as a citizen, and as a human being. Be that change!

Happy 4th of July!