Once you have come up with an amazing business name, logo and specific branding, you’re ready to take the social world by storm. And if there’s one thing that can catapult your business, it’s social media.

Get on the social media bandwagon.

Everyone is using social media for their products and services. This is a marketing tool that never sleeps and has endless limits to where it can reach. The platform that is used most for businesses is Facebook. With the many options of creating pages, groups and events, your business can reach up to the millions with potential clients. Twitter is also a great business tool. They key is to provide amazing content that will be retweeted. The more people that can retweet your posts, the larger the audience exposed to your business. Other platforms like Linkedin, Instagram and Youtube are amazing ways to prove to the world just how amazing your company is. Each offer a unique way to do that.

What do I need to get started on social media?

Obtain your business name as profile ID’s. Sometimes this can be difficult if a lot of other businesses have the same, or a very similar name to your business. In some cases, you’re going to have to be creative. Just make sure that it’s not difficult.

Things to avoid when choosing a profile ID. Never use a number that looks like a letter. When searching for your business, it will not come up on a search engine.

Keep your profile ID short. If this is too long, it will be a burden to search for you.

Make the ID as close to your business name as possible. Your brand has to be consistent and easy to find across all platforms. Each social media account should have the same ID.

Make your accounts reflect your brand.

Use your logo as your profile image. This is very important because you want to establish your brand everywhere. The logo, not the CEO, is what is going to represent the business. Be sure that your eye catching logo is front and center so your customers know this is the company social media page.

Customize your social media. Your banners, backgrounds and colors should match your brand. Giving your potential customers a different look with allow for them to have a unique experience that will cause them to linger on your page.

Create amazing content. For this, you will have to have a creative individual that can constantly come up with innovative ways to keep your potential clients interested with engagement and content that is easily shareable.

Keep engaged. With great numbers following your page because of your amazing content, you have to ensure your business is not antisocial, otherwise they will move on. Let them know you care. Respond to questions and comments. Stay in the loop with conversations.

The next article will talk about using email to grow your client list faster than expected. Lists are very important in business growth. There are ways to expand that list in ways so simple, you’d be mad that you didn’t think of it before.