Everyone knows that the best way to start growing your client list is to first focus on your branding, and then getting that brand out there for all to see in social media. Social media can definitely provide you with a reputation of dependability and approachability, but how personal can you really get with social media? Sometimes that one on one client relationship has to reach a different level. You can do that through email. But before you can send out mass emails, you have to grow your list.

How do you grow your email list?

Give them freebies. First and foremost, you have to have a reason to get people to sign up to receive email. The best way to get people to subscribe would be to offer a free gift. Depending on what your product is, you can offer a free download. Perhaps a discount on your services. You can also possibly offer them a free consultation.

Offer opportunity for engagement. The great thing about email is that your customers can respond to you directly, and privately. Give them a reason to respond back by asking questions or providing a call to action. Here are some great ways to initiate a conversation via email.

Follow up email. If you offered a freebie when subscribing, follow up with an email asking if they received their free gift or download. This displays amazing customer service, letting them know that they will be greatly taken care of should they do business with your company.

Progress check in. Depending on what your services are, you can reach out to your potential customers to see if there is anything your company can be assistance with. You can also send reminders of blogs that relate to the freebie initially offered, or any updates of interest to these clients. Don’t spam, but send enough emails to keep your company fresh in their minds.

Ask for feedback. A great way to get more clients is to let them know their opinion matters. Send surveys asking how well your company is doing. Request any feedback on what services should be offered, and what they as a customer could benefit from your services.

Add a call to action. The best way to prompt a response from potential customers is to provide a call to action at the end of your email. Letting them know they don’t want to miss out on an offer, or giving an expiration date on an offer will urge them to pursue.

Customize your email signature. Emails also work as an amazing way to point your potential customers to your social media accounts or website. Be sure to work on a customized, intriguing email signature. It should contain links to your social media platforms, website, title and slogan of your company. The more creative the better.

Overall, you will want to look into a good email marketing tool that is capable of allowing you to set these actions in place. There are many programs online that will help you set up autoresponders, tags and campaigns to help you carry these items out. If you are intentional about the changes you make to your email game, you will grow your list in no time.

Once you’ve mastered the art of email war, you will want to learn how to walk in authority within your field of work. No one is going to pursue the services of a company that has no confidence in what they offer. There are strategies everyone should follow to owning and thriving in their field of expertise.