It’s no surprise that if you own a business, you have to have an online presence. Every smart business has worked hard on their branding, pushed hard on social media and have made their mark. So much so, it’s extremely difficult to remain top on internet searches. For this reason, you have to prove that your business is top of your field.

How can you prove your expertise?

Create a blog. Blogs can be used to prove that you are indeed an expert. Provide articles that offer tips and tricks. Offer updates on achievements your company has made. There are so many ideas you can take advantage of to make a blog a complete success.

Be a guest expert. You are definitely not the only company proving their expertise via blog. That being said, rub elbows with popular blogs that are willing to interview you, or even feature your services. This is an amazing way to grow your reach overnight.

Write a book. It has become a lot easier these days to become a published author. Choose an area in your business that you believe you thrive in, and write a book about how others can achieve the same level of success. What better way to prove your expertise than to offer a book that does this? There are many self publishing organizations to choose from that will allow you to upload an ebook, and even printed copies of your book. There are many programs offered online that can help you get your book listed on Amazon’s Best Sellers.

Offer your services as a public speaker. With a book under your belt, it can become easier to be invited to public events that can help you showcase just how much you know. You will expand your potential client reach by being advertised as a speaker on various events.

Network. It’s always important to get to know new people within your field and beyond. You never know who you will meet that will support and endorse your work and business. Be sure to develop great business relationships with other organizations.

Believe in yourself. While this sounds simple, it’s harder than it seems. You have to believe in yourself and your product before any potential client can believe in you. Read as many self help books it takes to grow that confidence. Build up your self-esteem by attending seminars. Try daily mantras. Always surround yourself with positive individuals that will catapult you towards success.

Specialize in one specific service. Sometimes as entrepreneurs, we want to take it all on. Especially when starting out, it’s best to focus on one thing and become amazing at it before venturing out to the next. Rest assured, when a client trusts your product or service, they’ll be sure to try the next new thing because of the great customer experience you provided to them the first time around.

These are great ways to truly take your field by the horns and making it your own. Above all, be consistent and never show signs of insecurity. Apply these plans of actions and you’ll be sure to reach more clients than ever imagined.

With understanding branding, networking and confidence, one attention grabber that is currently taking the internet by storm is videos. Next week’s article with enlighten you on how to utilize this to gaining a greater reach.