While branding, social media, email and blogging are heavy on copy content, there is another form of communication that is taking the internet by storm. This is not to say that copy is something you should give less of. Absolutely not. Your followers will still read your content. However, you do need to offer up content that can attract attention instantly. The greatest way to do that is video.

What kind of videos should you create and post?

Commercials. How do most products and services advertise? They invest in a video. Granted, this may not be in the budget for a small business. However, new technology has made it easier than having to hire professionals to do the job for you. Most androids and apple phones provide good enough quality to be used for your business. There are also many apps and templates that will allow you the professional look and feel you are looking for. Post these commercials on your social media posts. You are more than likely to get more looking at your videos and getting them interested to visit your website or page for more information.

Testimonials. People love to hear real stories of how your products and services changed lives. Reviews will make or break your business. Give your potential customers what they want. Let them hear from themselves how customers lives were changed because of your business. It is a quick and easy way to establish credibility.

Fun shareable content. Humor always wins over hearts. Have some fun with your audience. Provide behind the scenes with co-workers. Direct a short sketch of how your organization saved someone with your services. The creative the better. Most importantly, if it’s something shareable, you’re spreading the word about your business and giving everyone a good laugh.

What elements makes a great video?

Keep the video short. You don’t want to have a lengthy video on your feed. The point of a video is to grab attention faster than copy or images would. The average attention span for watching online videos is 60 seconds. Anything after that is a waste of your time.

Provide subtitles. Sometimes scrollers are in public locations and don’t have the luxury of watching videos with full sound. That doesn’t mean those individuals are a lost cause for your reach. Adding subtitles will still capture their attention, making the video viewable even when there is no sound.

Set up a call to action. At the end of every video is an opportunity to provide a call to action. Ask the viewer to visit your website for more info. It is also great to setup a Youtube channel. With this option, you can invite your viewers to subscribe. This way, they can be notified when a new video is posted.

With how fast the internet is growing, more and more people are going into business for themselves. With that in mind, you have to continue to educate yourself on how to stay on top. Always stick to your brand. Continue to research more and more ways to get your name out there, and always stay on your toes. Let’s face it, time is money. You’ve got to make what little of it you have count.