Are you looking for more likes on Facebook? One great way to do that is by hosting a contest. There are many ways do this. Each type can contribute to your success in unique ways. With one contest, you are more than likely to reach the same amount of followers than you would with individual posts. And as a busy entrepreneur, this is a great way to grow your business in ample time.

Here are a few things to consider when running a contest on your fan page.

Pick a Prize.

Without a prize, you don’t have a contest. How else would you generate participation? You can narrow down the choice prize to something that relates to your business. One common idea is a gift card for your products, or free services.

Decide the Entry Method and Deadline.

If you intend on growing your list, an email address is ideal. If you are looking for a competitive contest where there will be judges to decide on a winner, another entry like a photo will do just fine. Make sure you let them know when the contest will be closing to provide urgency for participants.

Create the Contest Content.

Be sure to come up with a title that grabs attention. The best method for this is generating a call to action, something that makes the reader feel they will be missing out if they pass up the opportunity to participate.

Next, create a graphic.

It has to be relevant to today’s design. It has to tell the story of what the contest is about and what they will get if they win. Along with the graphic, you will need to come up with copy that explains how they can enter the contest and how the winner will be determined.

Promote. Promote. Promote.

It is very important that you have this post set to public so that the contest can be shared. It is also a great idea to encourage your participants to share the contest with friends so that they enhance their chances of winning.

You can also send an email…out to your list and gain them as followers as well. This is also effective by sharing contest information on other social media platforms.

If there is more money in your budget, it is a great idea to create a Facebook Ad. This way, your page and information are being seen by more people outside of your community circle.

Announce the Winner.

Just because you have announced a winner, it doesn’t mean that your plan to grow your page is over. With a winner at hand, you have more opportunity for likes. If you wish to get more website views, be sure to announce on your Facebook feed that the winner will be announced on your blog. This will be sure to generate traffic.

With a new audience, you can also announce to your followers that they should keep an eye out for the next contest. This will get your new followers to keep checking back and bring up your insights! If you’re looking to promote a product, gain more customers, or grow your social media, a contest is one of the fastest ways to see great results.