Inbound Marketing is a big player when it comes to building and promoting your business. One way to effectively use inbound marketing is to know how to write and deliver a quality press release.

A good press release has the look and feel of the announcements that caught people’s eye back in the days of a daily newspaper. It garners excitement, draws attention, and builds enthusiasm for an offering or event.

Here are five tips to remember when writing a press release:

  1. Make sure the Who, What, When and Where are obvious
  2. Create a compelling headline
  3. Provide informative details about the event/offering
  4. Include a compelling quotable feature item to stand out
  5. Keep your release between 400 – 500 words

The beauty of a press release now-a-days is that you aren’t constricted to a media news schedule. You have the control of bringing out a release at any time; whether it be to promote a new product or service, announce a great contest for your community, or even feature an existing product or service. It’s all about the presentation and creating a ‘news-worthy’ feel to the content.

There are some great tools for getting your press release out to the world. Here is a list of the top 50 Free Press Release sites. You could also submit your release to a paid site such as PR Web and PR Buzz . These sites will offer some additional benefits such as online support, release review, and suggestions for optimizing your release to the fullest extent.

Google Docs offers some great FREE press release templates to help you create a professional and informative release that will bring you the results you’re looking for.