When writing blogs, the key is to cater to your audience if you’re looking for loyal following. The best way to capture their attention is to understand them. Using psychology is a surefire way to reach your goal. It doesn’t take much research to realize that nobody likes to read boring blogs. So how can you avoid writing unbearable material? There are a few simple guidelines to follow.

Be a story teller.

Have you ever heard of neural coupling? It’s something that happens to the brain when reading. It is the process of actually experiencing what they are reading and working it out for themselves. When reading a fairly interesting story, dopamine is released, giving the reader a very happy feeling. Even if the blog is not for entertainment purposes, setting your audience up with a story as an introduction to what you’re writing about is a great way to reel them in!  Tell a story!

Gain their trust.

This may be a gray area depending on the business you’re in or what you’re writing about, but blogs can be better received if written in the first person. It’s a first-hand account of the topic. Whereas a third person approach may be overly formal and less believable. Grab your reader’s attention by gaining their trust.

Accuracy is key.

It’s so important to be clear in your blogs. Sometimes we want to sound professional and get lost in using too many unnecessary words in the process. Keep it simple. Unless you’re writing a novel or are a creative writing based blog, you don’t have to use so much descriptive language. Simplicity says it all.

Keep it short and sweet.

The ideal length of a blog is normally between 300 and 500 words. Anything longer than that may lose the attention of your audience. They will check out if it takes too long for you to get to your point. It also implies that you don’t care about your reader’s time.

At the end of the day.

Remember the purpose behind your writing. It’s not about showing off. You are looking to keep your audience informed and wanting to learn more about you and your business. Give them what you need fast and effectively to keep them coming back for more!