Sometimes there’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears that go into establishing a good social media following. And after the content is created and posted, you’re finding that you still don’t have the engagement you have hoped for. This could definitely cause you to second guess whether social media marketing is even worth the investment.

So how do you grow your social media engagement?

Create a call to action.

When creating content, you want to make sure that it attracts, entices, and solves your future client’s problems. Offer some quick wins in your posts that will cause you to look like an expert in your field. It will also allow your audience to begin to trust you because you’re willing to offer them information that most would pay for. That being said, be sure to offer information in your posts that can’t easily be found elsewhere online.

Offer free downloads

In line with your attractive posts, offer downloadable content for free. It will allow you to simultaneously grow your email list. This is going to provide you with a bigger reach when it comes to sales.

But don’t stop there. On a consistent basis, you want to make sure to send informative emails letting your client list know about updates with your business or product. Offer them opportunities for early bird discounts, or even loyalty points. A newsletter is always a good habit to get into with your email marketing. You can always offer items and information exclusive to social media; and your newsletter is a great opportunity to point your potential clients in the right direction.

Engage with online campaigns

Now it’s time to have fun. Using your creative juices, create social media campaigns that will help you engage more with your potential clients. Set up games for fun interaction. It can range from gif posts to difficult riddles. Contests are also very popular, especially when there is a price to be won.