When you work from home, it is sometimes hard to develop a healthy work/life balance. This is the problem for 70% of American workers. It is very difficult in this day and age to separate the two given that the internet has allowed for us to be reachable all the time.

With today’s obstacles, work/life balance can still be achievable. There are a few rules to live by if you want to earn the same results.

Know what you want in life. If you have a strong understanding of what you want, you will easily make decisions that will direct you to your chosen destination. With decision making, you’ll speak with your loved ones to figure out how to get there with as much support as needed. It also provides you with accountability to remain committed to your goals.

Be realistic to what works and what doesn’t. If you become distracted, you will end up slacking and not reaching the goals you set out for yourself. Part of talking to your loved ones or others that you may respect about your plans is accountability and making sure that you remain focused. Keep the line of communications open so that you can gain the encouragement you need to keep your eyes on what’s in front of you.

Plan your family time purposefully. When you are intentional about making sure your work/life balance is healthy, just like you have hours to work, you set hours for family time. Treat your time with your family as you would with your job. If you constantly skip work, cheat the hours you spend or provide poor work ethic, your business is not going to grow. The same rules apply to family life. Of course, there are always times when an emergency arises; but boundaries are set to make sure that not everything that happens direly requires your immediate attention.

Set the standards of your own success. Know who you are, what you value and what takes priority in your life. With these set in place, it will not be difficult to decide how far you feel you have to go for success. It minimizes the time you waste working on things that won’t even bring you joy at the end of it.

Eliminate distractions. This is as easy as an off button on your computer, phone or television set. Understand that multi-tasking removes you from one task to borrow itself to another. You can’t provide your undivided attention when multi-tasking. Take up a hobby that you know is rewarding; something that you can work towards. It will condition your mind to keep to your task until completed so that you are rewarded for it.

Create a goals list that will lead up to your success. It is known that in life, some circumstances can overwhelm you and even take over every aspect of your life. With great sacrifice and discipline, no situation came come away from you to the point that you are no longer in control. Grab hold of time management and remain determined to get work done during your specified time slots. Even if you have to put most of your efforts towards the beginning of your career to be able to relax more years down the line, you will have to commit to a plan that works best for you.

Thrive off of the supporting network you developed with your family and loved ones. The individuals you confide in regarding your successes and goals are the same ones that you should keep within your network. These individuals need to be chosen wisely because they are the ones that encourage you, even when things look bad.

At the end of the day, work/life balance is realistically reachable. As long as you find the right support, discipline, ambition and dedication to stick to your goals, you will inherit that success.