Do you currently have a podcast? Did you know that you can make some really easy money from it? There have been entrepreneurs that have made a living just off their podcast. With everything, there is a right and wrong way to do this. Here are a few things you need to add to your checklist.

Find Sponsors

If you have started your own podcast, it should be safe to say that you listen to other podcasts frequently. Then you should know that other podcasters find products or services that are similar, or offer similar services, to what  their topics are on the air. These are the “sponsors” you should be pursuing.

But don’t stop there! Just because a potential sponsor has nothing to do with what you represent, doesn’t mean you should bypass them. In fact, the more categories you venture out to, the more your audience grows.

Reach out

Speaking of audience growth, outreach is very important to reach your greatest potential. Do not, under any circumstances, send out form letters when contacting potential sponsors. Think of it this way, if you receive an email that looks mass produced, would you open it or send to spam? This is exactly what’s going to happen to your form letter. Make it personal. Find out and use your contact’s name. Add statements to the letter that are only relative to the sponsor you are reaching out to.

Sometimes even a letter or email might not work. It may be necessary to search for your sponsors online and connect via social media. After some interaction on various platforms, you might gain enough repore to snag that sponsor up!

Talk to locals

It is definitely ideal to go for large sponsors. However, with all that they may have going on, their attention might not be focused on podcasts. Go for the locals. See if a neighboring business needs your influence to gain more clients. You won’t know that it works for you unless you try. It is also a great tool to use for networking.

Get support from fans

Why not go directly to the source? Your fans motivate you from podcast to podcast. If they truly love your product, they are going to invest in it to keep it going. Use that opportunity.