When it comes to running a successful business, you need to put time and effort into your content marketing. Content marketing is what drives traffic to your website. It can be difficult to wrap your head around the importance of this, especially as a new business owner.

What are items you need to manage content marketing for your small business?


A calendar will give you a guideline on how and when you publish your content. It offers you a wider view on what type of content to prepare for your future posts. With a calendar, you can schedule holiday content and plan ahead for promotionals and other advertising.

Publishing Strategy.

Now that you have established a calendar, it’s time to focus on the actual content. It’s always best to schedule out one week to a month at a time. Schedule a time slot to create all of your content at once. This way, it is easier to maintain a theme.

Always be prepared.

It’s not often that content goes viral. But when it does, make sure that you are ready for it. Research the appropriate plugins you will need to keep your website from crashing. On social media, be ready to interact and respond to any comments that should be given immediate attention.

Track your stats.

It normally takes up to 3 months to determine if a social media plan works. After you have developed a good marketing plan and have posted various content, review your insights. See which types of posts generate more attention and start to develop similar content for the next month of scheduling out posts.

Know your platform.

When it comes to where you post your content, you have to do your research and know where your audience is. Otherwise, your posts will be falling into the cracks and wasted on the wrong demographic. Determine who you are trying to attract as a customer. Find out which platform they frequent the most. Go hard on that social media account.