The month of January is always the time where everyone, including small businesses, reflect on their successes and failures from the previous year. A new year is a time to reflect on where you can improve for greater success. There are a number of things to consider when working on resolutions for your small business.

Delegate more.

Often times we hoard our tasks fearing no one else can get the job done like we can. However, constant work can disrupt your work/life balance. Learn to trust and let go in the new year. The best way to go is hiring a virtual assistant for the tedious work that can free you up for more important tasks.

Advertise your business.

Since you are going to delegate more work, it’s time to focus on something that you normally put off due to lack of time; advertise! This is the only way that your business will grow. It is another responsibility you can hand over to your virtual assistant since it’s become common for most firms to hire assistants offering that skill.

Have frequent planning meetings.

It’s best that all your team members stay in the loop. If meetings aren’t frequent, goals that were set may be forgotten and never revisited. Meetings can also bring about new ideas and bring room for improvement.

Keep learning.

It’s always good to learn new things and expand your expertise and credibility with your clients. Hiring a business coach can also contribute to your growth. Joining an organization or network group with like minded individuals are also good outlets for expansion and support.

Find time for yourself.

Never allow an opportunity for a burn out. If you don’t provide yourself time for rest and relaxation, both your personal life and your business will suffer.


Finally, commit to making this year a better year. Don’t give up on your resolutions. Consistency is key to success. The results in both your business and your life will be stellar!