Social media and blogging were very different a few years ago. Blogging was just a hobby among like-minded individuals. Now, blogs are a necessity with any company, business, organization or cause. It has become a way of making money, leaving those who did it for artistic expression to abandon it entirely.

What’s difficult about embracing the new wave of blogging is accepting the fact that not everyone that blogs today are great at it.

And like everything else, the world of mediocre bloggers looked for ways of overcoming their obstacle. This is where podcasts began to take the internet world by storm. And given the fact that we are currently living in the “microwave” generation, needing instant gratification, a podcast is the perfect solution.

The first thing that a podcast needs is content.

Depending on your audience, you have to make sure you have the appropriate content. The difference here that you don’t have to worry about with blogging is, that you have to be very charismatic to entertain your followers. The best way to attain this is by focusing on something you know and are an expert in. The funnier and personable you are, the more successful you can become with your podcast. And the best entertainer can sometimes outweigh the most knowledgeable.

Another way to make your podcast a huge success is by marketing.

There are various ways to push your vlog on social media whether it’s via organic reach or ads. This was possible with normal blogging, but now video can be a huge attraction to gain more following.

Where blogs had links to other website or blogs, podcasts can insert visual advertisements that can attract an individual far faster and more effective.

Podcasts are also easier on the go. People are more likely to commute to work and listen to a podcast than they are reading a blog on the go.

Time must continue. Blogs are no exception.

Podcasts are the best way to share your ideas, show your expertise and promote your business. Podcasts are also something that can be taken advantage of by seasoned bloggers. And all the better, since a successful blogger already has a devoted audience. So before turning a blind eye to progress, look to see how you and your business can benefit from it.