So you have so many blogs you have written and just can’t seem to get any comments on them? Well sometimes saying, “Comment below what you think.” Or “Take a second to comment.” Just isn’t enough to get a reaction out of others.

Use an engaging question or statement, “Now that you have learned, tell me about an experience you have had.” Or “What is the biggest thing you learned from this article/post?” Make sure you are starting a conversation with people that read your blog.

Contests as well help promote commenting. Do you have a gift you want to give away for free but haven’t promoted it yet? Or do you have a great book out that you could give a copy away for free? Start a commenting contest. You can have them tell a story or upload a picture pertaining to the post.

Try adding instructions for commenting in the comment section of your blog to encourage people to actually comment. This will help a new person be confident before they place their comment. If you have any restrictions on how you want comments to be conducted, make a comment policy and include this in the instructions.

Most importantly! This will be the sure fire way to encourage other people to comment. Actually reply to the comments that you receive. EVERY ONE! Make sure it’s within the next business day. This is important because it helps you build relationships with your network and that next comment couple be an opening to a potential client.

Another important step. Make everyone feel good about their comments. Don’t brush them off. Add their name in the comment and have a positive attitude and opinion to their comment. You can even ask more questions to get more of an engagement. But most of all make them confident that you did read their comment and appreciate it.