With everything going mobile, marketing tactics like using QR codes is one way of getting your brand out there. While the fad of QR codes is slowly dwindling as fast as it has arrived, there are still ways to use it successfully.

App Ads.

Slowly but surely, every business is developing their own app. It’s so much faster than a website for mobile users and can avoid tons of technical difficulties. In this situation, simply allow the scanner to download the app directly by scanning the QR code. It cuts the consumer’s time in half by avoiding their need to search for your app in a play store.

More ads.

Instead of directing your scanners to a website, have the QR code bring them to a video talking about your products and services. Video has become one of the most popular tools to help catapult business and services.

Free Gifts.

This suggestion varies with your business. Free gift optins always work. So why not take that same idea and input it into the QR code? It’s a faster way to grow your list. So offer a free music track, photo filters, a coupon, wallpaper or mobile themes for their phones, sky is the limit. Once you’ve come up with your free gift, you can apply it to your QR code.


If you have a brick and mortar, the best way to easily provide location is through QR codes. Direct them to a maps app that will easily bring them directly to your doorstep.

Beware of spammers.

We all know that spammers are like cockroaches. They are a nuisance and can be found everywhere. So it is no surprise that they have figured out a way to spam their way into the world of QR codes. With that said, make sure that your advertisements ensure your consumers that they will not be spammed when scanning your codes.


Above all, be creative. QR codes are more than just for website traffic. Be innovative in the way you want to reach your audience. First impressions are important!