Are blog post tags still important in the SEO world? This is a very good question since it doesn’t necessarily bring your blog up to the top of the list. However, it does affect it in some way. It doesn’t rank categories or tags, but it will allow Google to understand what your blog is about. That still gives you traffic.

WordPress is a great platform to use that offers a tagging system for your blogs. This is normally referred to as “Blog Post Tags”. These tags help improve your website classification. The system is used to “file” webpages in their appropriate class, genre or subject.

Let’s say your business specializes in car repair. If you’re blogging about that topic and are tagging it for that specific subject matter, in addition to adding links on those pages which will be going back to the original blog, you will get noticed by the search engines indicating that your site is about car repair. So even though they are not ranked high, they are still a good source for traffic to your site.

Another great reason to be consistent with your tags on blog posts is so that your visitors can find your articles easily. It will also keep your visitors on your page longer. This is very important to how your website is rated. It shows that your website is easy to navigate. It doesn’t waste a visitor’s time by allowing them to find what they need faster, which in turn will cause them to want to frequent your site even more.

User experience has definitely become a high priority to what Google is looking for. Their evaluators look for quality, so sites that don’t provide decent SEO will not find themselves on the top ranks.

With that said, your focus when creating a site should definitely be the user’s experience. You will benefit when it comes to SEO. Tagging definitely boosts the user experience to an all-time high. The favor is returned when your website ranking gets a generous boost.