Social Media has taken the world by storm. It has become the new way of marketing and customer growth for businesses small and large. The strength of any marketing or advertising campaign begins and ends with social media. With so much attention falling on social media, are you finding that you might be spreading yourself too thin?

There may be signs of this already. Find them so that you can reconfigure your approach and develop a new strategy for success. Here are a few things to look out for.

You’re on every social platform.

Instead of doing their research first, some companies open an account on every social media site available to them, not realizing that they may not all be beneficial to their growth. They hear that social media presence is what’s needed for growth. But let’s face it, if you own a tire company, do you think you’re going to find many followers on Pinterest? The social media platform known for finding recipes and DIY crafts?

Look into who is using what social media platform. Identify where your audience is and put all your focus there. It doesn’t make sense to invest all your efforts into Twitter if your potential customers are always on Facebook.

Your posts do not help your following.

What type of content are you posting? Are you posting enough? There is such thing as posting too much and too little. If you have way too many social media accounts, you might not have enough good material to go around, and that can cause damage to your following. On the other hand, if you’re solely dedicated to one social media account, you may be abusing the amount of posts you schedule; and may be scaring away your following with spam-ish posts.

When you are creating your content, make sure it’s information that people are into. Will your post engage your audience? Will they feel like they can learn something from you? Are they entertained and purposely visiting your page directly for more content?

Quitting before really getting started.

With such a hype on how important social media is, there are many small businesses that are disappointed when experiencing no results. But just like everything, you have to work hard to get what you want. It’s not just about posting, but interaction. Social media is an opportunity to make your business personable, to meet your customers where they are. With too many social media accounts, the personal touch that you are working towards may not be as attainable as you’d like it to be simply because…you are spreading yourself way too thin.


Before approaching something head on, like social media, do your homework. Do you have what it takes to go all in? Do you need help? Or can you handle it on your own? Is there enough time in your day to dedicate to accurate social media content creation, interaction and growth efforts? It is a fact that all businesses should have an online presence. After you have developed a game plan that works for you and your business, your success is absolutely guaranteed.