It can be pretty difficult staying focused during this time of year. Oftentimes we have one foot on our work and the other on the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. However, despite all of the merry and cheer, work still has to be done.

Here are ways you can stay on track.

Weekend Shopping Lists. Take the weekends to create the list of things you’ll need for your family and your fun filled celebrations. This can include food, gifts, travel arrangements or services. Make sure that any family tasks are taken care of outside of the work hours you have set aside for your business.

Doing this will come in handy when it comes to work time. When you are “on the clock”, do not allow personal tasks to spill over and steal from your productivity. Granted, there may be a once in a lifetime sale going on that you just have to take advantage of. In those “dire” emergencies, you can schedule online shopping during office breaks.

Stay one step ahead of everyone else; even yourself. Sometimes we are tempted to procrastinate, especially with the excitement of the holidays. It’s important early on to stay on task. If there is time after getting your scheduled work done, you should even tackle your future tasks ahead of time. This way, you are not stressing out to get your work done in the last minute. Nobody likes an Ebenezer Scrooge!  

Shop after work hours. While it was mentioned that possible shopping needs can be met during your office breaks, It is important to separate this time from work time as often as possible. Especially when working from home, online shopping can be very distracting and could possibly linger past the break time unexpectedly.

Choose the time of day you’re most productive to work. It’s a no brainer. Work when you function at your best. You’ll find that you will complete most of your task during this time, leaving you more opportunity to daydream about the holidays.

When it comes to Christmas, it could be hard to keep focused on our normal day to day. But despite the most wonderful time of year drawing near, life must continue. Stay ahead of the game so that you don’t find yourself stressing over the holiday vacation and thinking about all the work you slacked on. A holiday vacation without any regrets or worries seems like the best holiday bonus.