If you’re a small business owner, chances are you are working hard to keep your business running well. However, in some cases, it’s not enough. If you’re not achieving the results you desire, working smart might be your new alternative. It’s time to adapt more technology to your growth routine to experience mass expansion and success.


There are some small businesses that fear using electronics for bookkeeping. However, more than 90% of businesses are going this route because it’s faster and easier to manage. Whether it’s payment portals, payroll or invoicing electronically, technology is definitely the way to go. Great suggestions for such services would be Quickbooks, or Freshbooks where transactions and reports can be printed in the blink of an eye.

Computer Hub

While information technology is a business in and of itself, it’s definitely a necessity for your success. And if you don’t know someone personally that will help you out as a “favor”, it will cost you a pretty penny to get help. However, there are many alternatives you can find online that can help you when problems arise. All you have to do is search for IT support for small business and you’ll be able to find a firm you can outsource to that best feeds the needs of your small business.

Project Management

Managing projects is extremely important to the success of your business. There are many systems that you can take advantage of that will help the communication between you and your employees effectively. Google is a great tool to use. It offers programs like Google Docs to easily share and make edits to documents, Drive to share other files and have access collectively, and Keep to use as task lists for everyone to view and check off when assignments are done.

It’s all about the customers!

Without customers, there’d be no small business. So, what are you doing to keep them engaged? In fact, if you are looking in CRM’s (customer relationship management), then you just might find a one stop shop that will allow you mailing list maintenance, marketing, shopping carts, and much more!

Online Presence

Especially if you’re a virtual small business, your online reputation is everything. Your website should be user friendly. Your email should be frequent enough not to drive your customers away, but to keep them engaged. Finally, your social media should be fun and encouraging of customer interaction.


So to answer this blog’s initial question, “Is technology in small business important?” The response is a solid YES! As a small business owner, how dependent are you on technology? If you’re not very trusting, you need to develop that bond, and soon! The future of your business depends on it.