When it comes to making changes in your business, there is no easy process. One smart way of deciding what needs to be upgraded is by conducting surveys. With this, you get direct results and problems to solve rather than playing the guessing game.

Setting Up Your Survey

Creating a survey can be intimidating, but it is attainable. Here are some items you need to make sure you are setting up the best survey, and know how to gather up the information correctly in order to help you grow your business.

Develop a clear goal.

Without a goal, a survey is useless. Figure out what the end results will be before pulling the trigger on this entire project. From a survey, you want to determine if you’re doing your job right. Figure out how well your clients are receiving your services, and if they can offer suggestions on how to make their experience better.

Come up with appropriate questions.

With a goal, this part becomes fairly easy. Make sure you understand what you are looking for. The difference between multiple choice and open question survey choices is what you are looking for as far as an answer. When you’re looking for feedback, an open question works best. If you’re trying to determine what your better services are, multiple choice is the way to go. Adding the option for “other” on your multiple choice can also provide you feedback on what additional services your clients would like to receive from you. Either way, you will need both types of questions on your survey.

Be sure to ask general questions.

While this is really straightforward and simple, general questions can be extremely helpful. For instance, the person’s name and address will help for follow up in the future. It can assist you in developing a closer relationship with your clients, offering them more services and even providing them progress on the changes you’ve made after receiving their answers from your survey. Also, knowing the demographics of your clients can allow you to know where your true audience lies, and who you should focus more on for business growth.


So to sum things up, you want to make sure you know what your end game is. Without that, you have no vision or structure to start setting up your survey. Be sure to switch it up with multiple choice and open questions, but don’t forget the obvious ones that will provide you with statistical information. With these in mind, you’ll be sure to develop a survey that will kick start the growth and success of your business.