How well are you using social media to advance your business?

It is no secret that the majority of successful businesses use this platform for marketing their products and services. A very small percentage of businesses have not taken advantage of this tool, but are recognizing that it is crucial to their survival. It’s really important to utilize social media to your company’s advantage.

What social media platform is the most used for businesses?

It is important to understand where your potential clients are. Therefore, you will definitely want to know what social media platform is used the most.

No contest. Facebook is definitely the top contender when it comes to businesses and social media. Not too far behind is Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Linkedin, just to name a few. However, the busiest platform is definitely Facebook. In fact, a number of businesses only use this in their marketing strategies. It’s no wonder, with Facebook offering the biggest reach and providing services like FB Live and ads.

Who posts the most on social media?

With the same mindset of knowing where your potential clients are, you need to know who they are as well. This will help with content creation and who to target when posting on social media.  

Statistically, women tend to personally use social media more often than men. Because of this, it is no surprise that women business owners have taken advantage of social media more so than men entrepreneurs.

Generationally, you will notice that businesses run by predominantly Millennials, also gravitate to using social media for their marketing purposes. This is because they have been exposed to the social media world at a younger age than, say, Generation X’ers and Baby Boomers.

Market research is definitely needed in determining what generation you intend to engage, so that you can focus on that social media channel to obtain your clients.

What kind of companies and organizations post on social media?

It is always good to know who you are competing against and what your competitors are using the social media platform for. This will keep you from going down an avenue that hasn’t worked for similar companies, and avoiding wasted time for your own. It can also help you determine faster what risks to take and what can work for you.

What kind of content is being posted on social media?

Popular posts that you will see across all social media platforms would be heavy image content, video promotions, ads, reviews, testimonials or blogs. Specifically, images attract more attention than text. Keep your content very visual and engaging. You want to make sure your content is sharable and well branded, so that shared content can easily be traced back to your business.

After understanding the purpose behind social media, have you determined if you’re using it to your advantage? Be sure to do your research and know where you can find your customers. Once you determine that, you can narrow it down to who you can attract. Finally, you can implement with eye catching content. Whatever platform you discover is best for your business, always remember that consistency is key. Continue to put in the work and you will reap the reward of your efforts!