Instead of dragging out the answer until the very end of this blog, let’s start with the answer and explain the reasons why. You definitely should market locally. With internet marketing, you’re gaining just as much exposure within your area than you are all over the world wide web. And if you do your research, you’ll find that most local businesses took to virtual marketing as an additional resource to grow their own business. In fact, if you don’t have an online presence, chances are, your business is not as successful as it should be.

How often do you research a product by going online for reviews? In fact, the internet is where you look up to verify the legitimacy of a product, company or service. With that said, any smart business will make sure they are easily searchable.

A virtual world also helps your business become personable. Consumers will always go to a product or service they can trust. And with an online presence, your business becomes that and more.

So, should you do away with local marketing entirely? Not at all. However, it is a great strategy to make sure that you are putting just as much effort virtually as you are locally. A huge factor in both worlds is cost. It is often assumed that just because you are marketing on different platforms, you have to have a separate budget. One may very well enhance the success of the other; killing two birds with one stone. Or should I say budget?

When it comes to your goals, the sky is the limit. At the same time, don’t be too distracted looking “beyond” that you forget to pick the roses in your path. It can definitely become a distraction to keep your focus locally when there are so many other avenues to explore in expanding your potential clients. Never neglect your local market, your neighbors, the business you will find in your back yard.