There are so many new trends that entrepreneurs have to keep up with today and Instastory is just another feature to add to that list. Instagram and Facebook have rolled out a new feature very similar to Snapchat. Many were left wondering how successful it would be. However, a year later, it is still thriving and being used by many entrepreneurs to enhance their business. So if you’re looking for a way to reach more audience, look no further. Instastory is here to stay. And here are reasons why.

You can reach a more mature audience.

While Instastory provides very similar features as Snapchat, you will find that a significantly younger demographic uses Snapchat. As an entrepreneur running a small business, it is likely that your audience is going to be found on Instagram. One feature that it does not share with Snapchat is the integration with Facebook pages. What’s more, when you are creating Facebook ads, you can integrate an Instagram account and run ads on Instragram and Facebook simultaneously.

Branding is made easy.

Instastory allows you to stick to your company’s brand. It provides far more options to change your fonts, colors, and other design to allow for your posts to look like any graphics your business offers. There are also a larger variety of stickers and stamps that can be placed over your videos to allow your audience clarity on times and location. This is an amazing feature that can make any business credible; and can also engage your locals if you are a brick and mortar.

The opportunity to share links are now available.

Now when posting Instastories, you have the option to “Swipe Up”, which will allow for your readers to visit your site and any other url you wish to share. This is a feature that was very foreign to Instagram until now.

Ads are available for purchase.

As previously mentioned in this article, you have the opportunity to link your Facebook to your Instagram account. With an audience focusing on Instastories, they will receive ads in between views, which will enhance your reach and sales.

You can gain more interaction with potential clients.

If your viewers like what they see, they have easy access to respond via direct message right in the same window of viewing the Instastory. This allows more opportunity for you to gain communication and interaction with your clients. Your relationship and credibility building couldn’t be any more easier.

In conclusion…

The more you explore this new feature on Instagram, the better you become at spreading the word of your small business. There are so many options to explore and take advantage of. And the best way to stay in business is to stay with the moving changes of social media!