When taking strides towards growing your business, revamping your website is usually one of the obvious tasks to tackle. Before taking that step, there are certain things that you must review to determine if a facelift is worth the cost.

So when is it appropriate to move forward with a website overhaul?

How well does your website work now?

Pretend that you are a customer. Browse your website. Search for how easy it is for customers to understand and access your products and services. The myth of a good website is a visitor should find the information they need in just three clicks. In actuality, an average user today enjoys browsing a website so long as they are entertained with progressive information. In addition, your website should be mobile friendly as the average user now browses from their cell phones more often than they do on a computer.

Is your website consistent?

Be sure to remain true to your company brand. If your website strays too far from the look and feel your customers are used to, the revamp of your site may do more harm than good. If you insist on doing drastic changes, keep to your colors, fonts and other familiar features known specifically to your business.

Don’t shy away from audits.

SEO is key to the success of your website’s traffic. That being said, you should conduct an audit of your web pages to determine how well the SEO is working for each. It may be surprising to see which pages are being most visited. With an SEO audit, you can determine what pages should go and which should stay.

Content is key.

Remember the audit you conducted on your site? The results are crucial to the content you introduce to your website. What are your customers most interested in when visiting your website? This will help you determine what type of content you want to introduce to your site for more visits.

Keep redesigns to a minimum.

If you’ve determined that a revamping of your website is what you need, be sure that the new design can stick for a good while. This is because redesigning a website too often is not beneficial to your company’s growth. It shows your current and potential customers instability. Furthermore, if they have already become accustom to the navigation of your site, constant change will throw them off and offer them a very poor customer experience.

Hire the pros.

At the end of the day, it’s no easy task to tackle web design and revamping on your own. It’s always important to hire a professional that can analyze your site and provide you with appropriate solutions to your growth problems.