First impressions will always be important. Studies show that if a recipient is not impressed with an email subject line, they are not going to open it. For this reason, a lot of attention has to be put into making your subject line pop in an inbox flooded with many others. So, what are some things that are needed to make subject lines pop?

Short and To the Point.

Subject Lines have a character limit that is even smaller on mobile. With today’s technology, the majority of mail is being opened via mobile devices, so the character guideline that you should follow is 50.

Is Your Sender Name Welcoming?

There’s nothing worse than reading an email from a sender that starts with [email protected]. It implies that your company does not want to keep an open line of communication with your customers. This is bad, especially with a potential customer.

Get Personal.

There’s no better way to grab someone’s attention than to use their name. The best way to do this is to use tokens, or coding, that can personalize your subject line. Generate a subject line that aligns with your customers’ names. This is definitely a great tactic done right. Otherwise, it might seem very creepy or “stalk-ish” when overdone.

Be True to Your Word.

Often times, in order to get someone’s attention, subject lines embellish what’s really in the body of the email. Make sure that your subject line embodies your text. You may be able to get away with that tactic once or twice, but your audience might get tired of the lies quickly and soon no longer open your emails at all.

Let Them Know What to Expect.

On the contrary, make sure your subject line reflects what your recipients will be reading when opening up your email. For example, if they are downloading a free e-book, refer to that on the subject line. It’s definitely an eye catcher, specifically when it’s an email they are waiting for.

Treat It Like a Call to Action.

Just like any Call to Action, you learn how to write copy that pulls your audience to press the button and make that purchase. If you’re looking for your recipients to open that email, use the same tactic on your subject line.

These are just a few tactics to use that will give you more traffic on your email opens. It’s definitely a goal you want to work towards, especially when putting so much effort into the body and copy of your email.