Ever thought about writing an e-Book but are not sure what the process is? Writing an e-Book saves you money, time and gets your content out there faster than ever before. Anyone can do it! By the time you’re done reading this article, you will have gained enough confidence to carry out this long overdue task.

If you’re still not convinced you should join the bandwagon and publish your e-Book, here are a few reasons to win you over.

Make money. So many people have made money simply by publishing their e-Book. Whether it’s a children’s book or a self-help, many readers are ready and willing to purchase your book.

Free Promotional. Maybe an e-Book is not what you necessarily want to focus your career on. Perhaps you already have a product line you wish to earn your living on. An e-Book can help bring your revenue in, especially if you’re focused on growing your list of customers for email marketing. Your e-Book can be the “free gift” on your call to action.

An e-Book is also a great way to endorse your expertise. Give your audience a taste of what you can offer, enticing them to purchase your program or product and services.

Props for being published. “I am a published author”. It sounds so prestigious, does it not? Being published is no longer a privilege for the select few. Anybody can do it. Self-publishing is the way of the future!

So, now that you have decided it is well worth the effort to publish an e-Book here are a few things to consider.

Decide on the content. As mentioned before, you definitely want to publish something you know about. Focus on something that can validate you as an expert, and something your audience will be interested in purchasing.

Find an editor. While you are an excellent writer and love your own content, it is still always good to bring someone else in to edit your work. They may catch a grammatical error you might have missed.

If an editor is out of your budget, sometimes it helps to leave the content alone for a day or two and come back with fresh eyes. You’ll be surprised the mistakes you will find.

Figure out your options. After you create your content, you have to decide where to publish. There are many self-publishing companies that you can find online. Some are affordable and others come at a price. You may want to weigh out your options and determine the worth of the cost.

There are some self-publishing sites that cost more because they offer marketing the e-Book on your behalf. This may be the perfect choice for you if you are too busy to invest time on distribution.

However, if you have the time and knowledge it takes to advertise and spread the word, then creating the e-Book and marketing on your own time may be the route for you.

Give yourself a publishing date…and make it public. Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with life that we don’t stick to our personal commitments. If we make our publishing date public, we are holding ourselves accountable. It is also an indication to your audience that you mean business and this is an endeavor that should be taken seriously. After all…you are a published author now!


So, what are you waiting for? Join the thousands of entrepreneurs that have taken this platform to their advantage and show the world just how professional you are.